TalkingStandee Product Variants

Live Capture of TalkingStandee at T Hub

TalkingStandee at TiE Events

TalkingStandee at THE TALK event

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* Using only numbers, what is 10 plus 15?  

Now Installing
Talking Standee has
got more simpler...

with an estimated Time
of 6 to 10 minutes

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Top 6 Features vs Your Benefits

1. Super Easy interaction (Sensors Detection)

2. Hikes Brand Recollection (visual & auditory message at a time)

3. Crowd Intelligent (Adjustable interactivness based on crowd)

4. Dual Mode Backlit Screen (Continous Lit anf Interactive mode)

5. Auto Volume Adjustment (Appropriate loudness)

6. Replacable and multiple Audio Messages (replacable audio message)


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